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Fimls that Kevin Smith has done.

On this page I'll include an annotated list of all of Kevin Smith's Films. On the right hand side I will give facts on a new film weekly.



Chasing Amy


Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide




Clerks was made for $27,575. It was mainly funded by 10 credit cards that Kevin had to his name, funds garnered from store credit after he sold his comic book collection, a family donation, and paychecks from working at the Quick Stop and RST Video. (NOTE: We don't really recommend this method of funding a film as if your film does not pan out, you will be put in serious financial debt for much of your life. However - we do condone going out and making your film yourself - just make sure your script is watertight).
Clerks was filmed using a 16mm Arri SR-2 camera and utilized Kodak Plus-X film.

Clerks began the road to distribution at the IFFM (Independent Feature Film Market) where it was viewed and liked by Bob Hawk, a member of the Sundance Advisory Committee. It was then shown at Sundance in 1994 where it was picked up by Miramax Films.

The Clerks script can be purchased at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. It is in book form along with the Chasing Amy script and titled Clerks/Chasing Amy: Two Screenplays

The Quick Stop and RST Video are located at 58 Leonard Ave., Leonardo, NJ. (Off Route 36 heading towards the beach for those of you familiar with the area) Postens Funeral Home is located at 59 E Lincoln Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Director Kevin Smith attended the Vancouver Film School for 4 months before dropping out and making Clerks.

Originally rated NC-17 for language. Miramax hired Alan Dershowitz of OJ Simpson Defense Team fame to appeal the rating. The rating was successfully appealed without any cuts.

Jeff Anderson, who played Randal, had never acted before. He can also be seen "Dogma and in the upcoming movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".

Buy Clerks: The Comic at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.

The original cut of the film ended with Dante getting shot in a robbery. This was cut out of the release version.